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Dog and Puppy Obedience Training

All training sessions are private lessons. One on One.


I use a balanced approach to training. There will be at times different methods used to achieve the desired result. Not all dogs learn at the same pace or in the same manner. I will train you how to train your dog. After all, it is you who will live with your dog and its behavior. It will be you that needs to enforce the known commands.


Dogs need limits and boundaries. If they are not taught what these limits are then your dog will learn that there are no boundaries, and anything they do is an acceptable behavior.


Training is one of the best ways to bond with your dog. During the course of the training there are simple steps that you will learn to be an effective leader.  It develops confidence in your dog.


One of the most important aspects of training is to have fun!

Obedience Training
Marker Training


For the past ten years, I have incorporated another method of training to my repertoire. It is called "Marker Training". It is a positive/reward based training communication system. It is essentially what is referred to as "clicker" training, but I exclude the use of a mechanical audible "marker" and replace it with a verbal "marker" of behavior. It utilizes the same basic principal of "marking" the behavior at the precise moment, but eliminates the mechanical clicker. It is the most articulate system of communication in training that I have found in the last thirty five years. 


I have found that by using a "marker" to shape behaviors, it speeds up the learning process, and develops speed to perform the behavior. It's the pathway to the reward! 

Your dog will not only enjoy training, they will become fast at doing so!

Basic Training

For dogs that are six months or older

  • Five-week course

  • Private lessons

  • One hour per class


Your dog will be trained to sit, come, stay, down, and heel, on a six foot leash. Learn how to handle problem areas such as bolting through doors, counter surfing, excessive barking, jumping on people, and loose leash walking.


The class will teach all of the commands necessary for your dog to be able to pass the “Canine Good Citizen” test promoted by the American Kennel Club. Equipment is provided for this class.

Advanced Training

Class for dogs over six months that have undergone basic obedience training and are compliant at the basic level.


An evaluation of skills will be conducted to determine the level of training.


  • Five-week course

  • One hour per class


In this class we will re-enforce basic obedience training. Advanced training will progress to off leash heeling, extended stay, down stay, out of sight stay’s, recall at a distance, and hand commands for sit, stay, down, stand, and recall.


Distractions will be utilized for this class. Whistle commands can also be paired together with hand commands for complete off lead reliability.

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